End of Glasgow’s Red Road as final towers set to fall

After more than 40 years piercing Glasgow’s skyline, the city’s remaining Red Road flats are about to be brought down.

When they were first built, the blocks housed more than 5,000 people and were an important part of the city’s plan to improve housing after the Second World War.

The move was meant to grant families a better life from what were then the worst slum conditions in Europe. In later years, however, the reputation of the high rises would loom darkly over the city beneath them.

Heroin dealers, thieves and blood on the stairwells would earn the buildings the black label “Towers of Terror”.

But for the people who lived in the towers, the good memories are rooted just as deep as the unhappy ones.

As the final six of Red Road’s towers prepare to fall this Sunday, October 11, we take a look back at the historic moments that have marked the lifetime of Glasgow’s most notorious estate.

Red Road Timeline 


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