3,2,1…lift off! Google Galactic Gala is out of this world

From the farthest reaches of time and space they came to throw the ultimate galactic party.

And when Google, lord of the online realms decides to host a shindig, you know it’s going to be a good ‘un.

Last night, the Google guys put on a Galactic Gala at Edinburgh’s Summerhall for more than 200 local #CityExperts.

There were smoking liquid nitrogen cocktails made from iced Prosecco with apple and raspberry.

There was a giant inflatable planetarium which space explorers could hide in and gaze upward at shooting galaxies.

There was even a space makeover for our Tunnock’s Tea Cakes which were turned into little chocolate planets with a caramel core and sprinkled in space dust.

Our city space cadets got to be turned upside down, dressed up as astronauts, fire rockets out of buckets, eat alien bugs and play with UFO lamps which probably graced their bedrooms over a decade ago.

Here then are just some of the photo highlights from the Galactic Gala:




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